Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Conventional medicine is often about disease and illnesses, with typical testing reflecting this. The parameters are set for those who are already unwell. While this is important, it doesn’t necessarily assist in optimising health.

The growth and availability of Functional Testing reflects the public’s need to pursue underlying biochemical issues before they turn into disease. Functional Testing addresses symptoms’ underlying causes using a systems-oriented approach that engages both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership to achieve greater wellbeing.

UP!health has partnered up with Hong Kong-owned and run company Biona Quantics to offer testing services with a variety of top international laboratories.

We offer the following series of tests:

  • Food sensitivity IgG4
    • A simple, non-invasive test to measure your body’s antibody response to 95 foods, plus candida;
    • Uncovers key information about your immune system relating to conditions such as:
      • eczema
      • psoriasis
      • constipation or diarrhoea
      • allergies
      • thyroid issues
  • Ultimate performance and metabolic biomarker
    • Identifies hormonal imbalances associated with localised fat distributions that prevent optimal performance and body composition;
    • Maximises your wellbeing by tracking your lipid profile, thyroid function, inflammatory markers, and nutrients;
    • Tests stress and sex hormones to identify areas for targeted treatment;
    • Is useful for finding underlying causes to:
      • Stress, tiredness and fatigue;
      • Poor sleep;
      • Sub-performance levels;
      • Weight gain.
  • Ultimate body-composition biomarkers
    • Manages hormonal and nutrient imbalances associated with localised fat distribution that prevents optimal body composition.
    • Maximises your wellbeing by tracking biomarkers for thyroid function, inflammation lipid profile and nutrients.
    • Designed for those aiming to achieve optimal body composition and performance by identifying localised areas of fat storage on the body, associated with imbalances in hormonal levels, facilitating the possibility of intervention.
    • As a preventative too acting as a powerful early indicator of insulin resistance, along with risks for metabolic syndrome and diabetes.
    • Especially for those concerned about
      • Weight gain;
      • The risk of diabetes.
  • Essential inflammation biomarkers
    • A simple finger-prick test for biomarkerscrucial for accurately quantifying inflammation in the body, as well as those that play a key role in modulating it.
    • Looks for systemic inflammation markers and vitamin D levels and is useful for those constantly dealing with injury and infection.
  • Comprehensive thyroid biomarkers
    • Thyroid dysfunction is notoriously under-diagnosed, yet this simple home test explains a wide variety of symptoms and determines the effects of nutrient deficiencies or toxic elements on thyroid function.
    • For those frustrated with lack of testing for their thyroid and are concerned because of:
      • Change of metabolism;
      • Thinning hair;
      • Weight gain that is difficult to lose;
      • Symptoms of anxiety and depression;
      • Low energy;
      • Poor sleep.
  • Ultimate essential nutrients and heavy metals
    • A comprehensive and easy test to identify if a personhas adequate, excessive, or deficient levels for the essential nutrients magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine and selenium. Also identifies exposure to the toxic elements mercury, cadmium, arsenic, bromine and lead.
      • Useful for those concerned about heavy metal levels especially:
      • Preconception;
      • Children with learning and behavioural issues;
      • Long-standing allergies.
  • Fertility profile
    • In the absence of a physical cause, many cases of female infertility can be explained simply by hormone imbalances. Assessed with simple, non-invasive testing, these imbalances can often be corrected with simple lifestyle, supplementary and nutritional interventions.
  • Ultimate hormone profile
    • The endocrine system works as a system rather than as isolated glands. This profile tests sex hormones, stress levels and thyroid function and is useful for addressing:
      • Adrenal fatigue;
      • Weight gain;
      • Sluggish metabolism and poor energy;
      • Reproductive issues.
  • GI Microbial Assay Plus (GI-Map)
    • The GI-MAP™(GI-Microbial Assay Plus) stool test utilises cutting edge, FDA-approved technology to provide a true DNA-based stool analysis, and how it relates to many inflammatory, autoimmune, metabolic, cardiovascular, and other chronic diseases. This technology has high sensitivity, specificity and a rapid turnaround.
    • The panel includes opportunistic organisms, normal flora, parasites, and fungi. DNA/PCR techniques also allow for the measurement of antibiotic resistance genes and virulence factors that contribute to pathogenicity. Both are used to help determine clinical significance and the most effective treatments.
    • This is the best test available for those with:
      • Digestive issues;
      • Skin problems;
      • Immune concerns;
      • Long standing diarrhoea;
      • Anxiety or depression issues.
  • SIBO breath test
    • A non-invasive breath test that examines the over-growth of bacteria in the small intestine.
    • Especially useful in
      • Long standing bloating and abdominal cramping;
      • Obstinate constipation;
      • Long standing diarrhoea;
      • Poor nutritional standing.


Our naturopath Sara Jefferson combines her understanding of your individual health history and body condition to offer you an in-depth report that focuses on maintaining and improving your health and vitality. The report will include:

  • The impact level of any genetic variants identified;
  • An explanation of their impact on your health;
  • Appropriate nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.


Although many tests are now accessible online, your data is collected with the possibility of being made public, or disclosed to associated parties.

Nordic Labs guarantees complete confidentiality, along with the assurance that your results will never be included in public data banks. UP!health takes the extra step of encrypting all data that leaves the clinic to the lab for testing, ensuring that  no personal reference will be on your sample for the ultimate in confidentiality.