Megan McIntyre

NeuroEnergetic Kinesiologist

Australian Kinesiology Association Registered practitioner


Megan speaks: English

Hi, I’m Megan, and I was born and raised in rural Victoria, Australia, before moving to Melbourne to pursue a career in the dental industry as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery practice manager in my 20s. Life changed for me when I had my first child in 2007. Two years later, we moved to Hong Kong for my husband’s career, and my second son was born just a couple of months later. This was the point at which I found NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology to be integral to both my emotional and physical wellbeing.

Coming from a busy city like Melbourne, I thought that I would be prepared for life in Hong Kong; however on arrival, my entire family struggled with living away from our support network, dealing with increased pollution, and work-life balance stressors. My turning point came through the discovery of Kinesiology, and in particular NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology, which continues to be of tremendous support to my family in seeking balance in this fast-paced city.

Having undergone many surgeries during my childhood, I found that Kinesiology was enormously helpful in enabling me to work through the associated physical and emotional pain, as well as assisting me to think clearly in times of stress. Kinesiology also continues to support my eldest son with some challenging health issues of his own.

During my training, I was fortunate enough to study techniques developed by the amazing Hugo Tobar: the founder of NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology. I am committed to continually developing my technique, adding more tools to my practice in order to bring my clients the latest that the industry has to offer. I am passionate about assisting people to find natural health through Kinesiology; balancing the body and mind while dealing with the environmental, nutritional and emotional challenges that we all face here in Hong Kong.

If you’d like to learn more about achieving a better-balanced and healthier lifestyle in this fast-paced city, please consider giving Kinesiology a try!

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Megan McIntyre

Client Testimonials:

 My naturopath recommended I see Megan to complete a holistic approach to my health and wellness, as I was suffering from a range of health issues.

 I had heard about kinesiology but had never had a treatment, but immediately Megan made me feel comfortable and first gave me an excellent explanation as to the goals and methodology of treatments. 

 I’ve always believed in the power of the mind body and soul all being connected, but through Megan’s treatment I have been able to very successfully connect all three together, better than ever before. 

 Megan genuinely cares about her patients and I highly recommend her and kinesiology as a great way to achieve excellent health and wellness break-through’s.”

K.J, Central, Hong Kong. 


“To be perfectly honest I was initially extremely sceptical about kinesiology and doubted if it could help me, after all millions of women suffer from hot flushes. However after my first session with Megan my night flushes stopped completely and the daytime ones decreased in both frequency and intensity. After two weeks the night flushes resumed, not as intensely as before but they were back. I visited Megan again and the night flushes stopped again, just as though a switch had been turned off! This pattern continued until about my fourth visit since when I have had NO more night flushes at all!!

I have been visiting a physiotherapist for the last 10 months with knee pain that has at times been completely debilitating. I was getting some improvement with physio but still walking with a limp and in a lot of pain at night. At my last session with Megan she worked on my leg. I was completely amazed to get up to leave and my limp had disappeared! Even better is that it has not returned and the night pain has vanished. I am back walking 10,000 + steps a day and back to Pilates class.

I have no idea how Kinesiology works but am extremely happy to report that it certainly has for me.

I have found in Megan a very professional,empathetic practitioner to whom I will return and will definitely recommend to friends to visit.”

S.P. Discovery Bay, Hong Kong 


“I have been using Megan for nine months now, after having little success with traditional medicine. In that time, Megan has helped immensely with my autoimmune problems, fatigue and chronic UTIs . I have more energy and no insomnia.

Megan is a wonderful listener, unjudgemental, approachable, knowledgable and she cares ! I look forward to our weekly sessions and couldn’t recommend her more highly”.

S.L.C- Hong Kong.