Posture Correction Class – Group Exercise Therapy

Posture Correction Class - Group Exercise Therapy

Interested to improve your posture but don’t know where to start? Our Posture Correction class is designed to tackle rounded shoulders and forward head carriage posture with specific stretches and muscle activation patterns. By developing the skills to improve your own body awareness and activate weak and dormant muscles, you can being to correct your posture and, over time, reduce chronic postural aches and pains.

Our exercise is not designed to be sweaty, it is easy and stress-free to slot in your work day.

Weekly Class Schedule:
Monday: 7pm-8pm, Instructor: Matt
Tuesday: 7pm-8pm, Instructor: Derek
Thursday: 7pm-8pm, Instructor: Derek
Saturday: 2pm-3pm, Instructor: Matt

Class Information:
Level: Beginner Level 1
Duration: 60 minutes
What to wear: Loose comfortable clothing
Who can come: Everyone, bring a friend

Booking is essential as number of participants is limited per class
***FREE first time trial for a limited time!

Contact us for further information and booking