Sara Jefferson


B.Sc (Hons) Monash University – Chemistry, Psychology, Microbiology
Dip. App. Sci (Naturopathy) – Southern School of Natural Therapies
Post Grad. Dip. Homoeopathy – Homoeopathic Education and Research Association (HERA) Australia

Sara speaks: English

Hi! I’m Sara, I’m an Australian naturopath.  I have been living in Asia for 10 years, but before I moved (like so many women – for love) I owned my own multi-discipline clinic in Melbourne for 11 years.

I started my career as a molecular biologist in cancer research.  I was lucky enough to work at Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, the University of Melbourne and the City of Hope in Los Angeles, but the experience of working in research, led me to want to understand more about health than conventional science could offer. I found that I had a deep belief that dis-ease was not a random coincidence and that lifestyle and mindset contributed much to illness.

After a decade of living in Asia I’ve learnt that life here has special challenges. Almost all health issues I have seen here have an inflammation factor I haven’t seen anywhere else in the world.  I put it down, in part, to the environmental and social pressure that is our normal hectic, crazy, fabulous daily life here in Hong Kong.

In Melbourne, my practice was embedded in the village life of Kensington and I saw everything a community practice can offer.  What I really enjoy treating are chronic illnesses, like hormonal imbalance, skin and sleep issues, adrenal fatigue and gut disorders, but there is also the satisfaction in quickly sorting out acute problems without resorting to antibiotics and steroids.

I am so excited to join Michelle and the team at UP!health. Naturopathy and chiropractic are a complementary partnership for optimal health, which is after all, our goal for you at UP!health.

Please feel free to call and book for a free 10 minutes iridology check and a chat.  You can also contact me at with any questions you might have concerning naturopathy.

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Sara Jefferson