Schroth Therapy for Scoliosis

Schroth therapy

Schroth therapy is a prescriptive exercise therapy aimed at halting and reducing scoliosis curvatures.

Schroth therapy is suitable for children and adults who have been diagnosed with scoliosis. Patients with a Cobb angle curvature of 10-25° are suitable to enrol. If curvature exceeds this degree, our chiropractor may refer individuals for a brace, which can be worn simultaneously while participating in Schroth therapy.

Participants are prescribed personalised exercises based on the direction and location of their curve, analysed by x-ray. Specific exercises targeting the spine in three dimensions are taught in combination with diaphragmatic breathing. This helps to achieve optimal positioning for everyday activities, ensuring that maximum spinal correction is achieved each day. Studies have suggested that scoliosis curvature can be improved in six weeks with 30 minutes of daily exercise.

At UP!health, our chiropractor Dr Gillian Tsang provides Schroth therapy programme which takes place on a one-to-one basis for 60 minutes per week, over 4-6 consecutive weeks. Each class teaches corrective exercises that build on Schroth’s principles, with additional challenges in order to strengthen corrections. At the end of the course, patients are re-evaluated in order to compare clinical measurements.

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