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about UP!

UP!health is an innovative multi-disciplinary health concept based right in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central district. Offering various professional health services, we create bespoke healthcare programmes to meet your individual needs. To find out what we do, see our list of Services

Why UP? We believe that UP is the only way to go! #letsgoUP

The UP!health concept has been over a decade in the making. We’ve created a unique space focused on delivering the highest standard of healthcare in a modern environment. While health is important, it can be fun too! Our vision for UP!health was finally realised in 2015 and since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength. To meet our friendly team, see our list of People

We also feel strongly about supporting our local community, working with local businesses and non-profit organisations, and hosting regular workshops with proceeds donated to our nominated charity partners. Wherever possible, we use locally sourced products, and invite local businesses to host talks and events in our bright and modern space. To find out more about our events, follow our facebook page



Spanning 3000 square feet in the heart of Hong Kong Central, with 10 airy treatment rooms, a bright multifunctional studio gym, a spacious open kitchen and generous waiting areas, our multi-disciplinary health space is a bright and welcoming health hub, designed to help you relax and focus on you.

A million miles away from an intimidating doctor’s surgery, our multifunctional space offer flexible usage. On top of providing a beautiful space for our patients to enjoy, we also welcome other like-minded health and wellness individuals or businesses in need of a beautiful, affordable space to host your launch, event, talks, classes or private consultations. Read more on UP!health Space Rental



Wellness is a buzzword that we hear more frequently than ever; in our tech-driven age of information, our attention spans are smaller, our waist sizes larger and our time is stretched to the maximum. In this high-pressure environment, we increasingly look to proactive, preventative health care to help us manage the many stresses of our hectic modern lives.

As a society, our lifestyle choices have evolved. The World Health Organisation defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. As such, we now recognise that good health is about so much more than simply being free from disease.


We believe:

  • We should all seek vitality, balance and energy – regardless of our age and lifestyle.
  • True wellbeing lies in the balance between physical, chemical, and mental and emotional
  • Good physical health includes having energy and vitality, being able to move without pain and enjoy everything that life has to offer.
  • Good chemical health includes hormone balance, wholesome nutrition and the avoidance of chemical additives, toxins and excessive pollution as much as possible.
  • Good mental and emotional health is essential to lead a fulfilling life, and particularly crucial in the “work-hard, play-hard” city of Hong Kong.
  • Our mission at UP!health, is to provide you with a direct source of excellent healthcare across physical, chemical and mental and emotional health disciplines, assisting you in your goal to achieve optimal vitality, balance and energy .

Remember that health is a journey, not a destination. Take the journey with us.