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Heel pain
As the New Year begins, the easiest – and most common – way for most people to kick-start a more active lifestyle is with some form of cardiovascular training, e.g. running, cycling, or aerobic training at the gym. And with a new fitness program comes
Matthew Chui
New Year, New You?   At this time of year, we’re all busy making New Year’s resolutions, and some of the most commonly-made pledges are to get healthier, fitter and have more active lifestyle… just as soon as we’ve finished that last mince pie, that
Functional Movement and Sports Massage Therapy
Functional Movement and Sports Massage Therapy By Matthew Chiu   FUNCTIONAL VS. DYSFUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT Functional movement is defined as the body being able to move freely within its structural limitation, involving all the relevant joints and muscles firing sequentially, while maintaining appropriate control and mobility.