5 Steps to Instantly Improve Your Posture! By Dr Michelle Zhou McCulloch, Chiropractor Feeling the slouch? If, like many of us, you spend your working day hunched over a laptop, here are five easy steps to improve your upper body posture in the time it
Immunity Boosters
The UP!health Guide to Immunity Boosters Dr. Michelle Zhou McCulloch, Registered Chiropractor   In a city like Hong Kong where we tend to lead a hectic and stressful lifestyle, and the concept of personal space simply doesn’t exist, it’s no wonder that flu “season” is,
Craniosacral therapy
Craniosacral therapy: everything you need to know Dr. Michelle Zhou Accessing CST Also known as “cranial sacral therapy”, “cranial sacral treatment” and plain old “cranial”, it’s important to distinguish between CST and cranial sacral massage, which is emphatically NOT the same thing. Although the techniques
Lower Back Pain and Chiropractic Dr. Michelle Zhou I was chatting with some newly-made friends the other night who, after finding out that I’m a chiropractor (and being stunned that I work in Hong Kong in an industry other than finance!), asked me one of
UP! Health
Headache and Chiropractic Dr. Michelle Zhou Are you having yet another unproductive day at work due to a headache? You’re not alone. It has been estimated that 90% of the population will suffer from a headache at some point during any given year. And while
Chiropractic and Pregnancy Dr. Michelle Zhou Did you know that over 50% of women experience back pain during pregnancy, with the sacroiliac joints of the pelvis most commonly affected? Studies have shown that chiropractic care during pregnancy decreases the need for pain relief during delivery